Building the next generation of environmental leaders.

We are working with local high school students and University students through our Training Camps to build capacity and leadership skills in the next generation of Indonesian citizens. Students learn a variety of skills in these camps and are required to conduct "community action projects" in their local areas. This can be campaigning about human rights, trash pickups, food drives, etc.



Our staff work in local high schools through our 10 week training program to provide basic environmental education and leadership training. The Planet Indonesia program highlights the connection between humans, economies, and nature, a representation of our model and approach.



We have created a climate change fellowship program where 12th grade students and University students come from across Western Borneo to our training camps. These camps hinge upon building the next generation of environmental leaders by integrating leadership training into climate change adaptability. We focus on the future, training students in methods on how to build more resilient communities. Upon completion of the 1st training camp students are given small grants to complete projects in their local communities. After a 4 month project period they return to a second evaluation camp where students graduate from our fellowship program.