We help rural communities achieve sustainable development through nature conservation.


There are 17 global goals for sustainable development.

How do we do it?

We promote cultural identity and sustainable resource management by PROVIDING COMMUNITY-LED SERVICES that result in resilient communities.

Driving adoption of sustainable resource management.

We provide services across three sectors, economic, healthcare, and education in exchange some of the world's most endangered wildlife and threatened landscapes.

We use these communal business groups to facilitate conservation compacts between communities and our organization. These CCs provide tangible benefits to communities in exchange for effective conservation practices of high priority species and areas.


What is a Conservation Compact?


Catalyzing conservation through community-based services.

Our approach is an innovative method to incentivize conservation and community development at the grassroots level. We help low-income communities to a better life by providing economic benefits for preserving local resources and customs. Each of our programs mobilizes communities by integrating sustainable local business models into our conservation and cultural preservation initiatives.

We embrace a "bottom-up" approach, helping constituents own every step of the planning, implementation, and managing of initiatives, as we understand this to be essential for long-lasting, sustainable change. The main goals of our approach are to assist communities achieve financial self-reliance and promote ecologically sound economic development.


We often refer to our method as a social fusion of development and environmental work. We believe there is a connection between economics, people, culture, and our environment. When these aspects fall out of balance our world suffers. Planet Indonesia is a platform for social fusion as our method brings these pieces of life back into balance.