What Do We Do?


Planet Indonesia utilizes a sustainable fair-trade approach to economically empower the women of Borneo by revitalizing traditional art work. The underlying theme across our Integrated Art Project is cultural preservation. Indonesia exhibits some of the highest levels of cultural diversity in the world. In Borneo alone the local indigenous group has over 400 local groups each with their own languages, customs, and traditions.

How Do We Do It?

True to our approach we establish small working business groups (KUB). These small groups work together to produce art works and use the funds (output) to further sustain their long-term goals. Moreover, we work with a weaving cooperative in the Sintang district. This cooperative started as a small business group with just 5 women, and now currently includes over 1500 weavers.

What Makes Us Different?

While there are other organizations that do this in Southeast Asia, we value the weavers above all else. The weavers are artists, and their products are a direct representation of their local culture.

Other organization's force weavers to create certain products with popular motifs, colors, and designs. This profit oriented mindset does not support cultural preservation and negatively impacts the rights of the weavers.

We allow the weavers the to create their own products and tell their own stories. Planet Indonesia simply acts as a vector to help leverage their connection to potential buyers, sellers, and collaborators around the world.

What are the impacts outside the program?

Planet Indonesia supports the use of natural dyes. We are working with weavers to convert degraded lands into community gardens that help the women have better access to the colors they need to create high quality products. Currently, because of deforestation many women have been forced to use chemicals. This lowers the value of their product and represents an impact of globalization and modernism.

How Can You Help?

You can now directly purchase the women's products on our website. As a not-for-profit, unlike other organizations, almost 100% of the price goes back to the women and business groups we work with. Only a small fee is used for shipping and to support a few of the operational costs associated with promoting their products. Check out the online store here.