Integrated art.

We are working with the Indigenous women of Borneo to revitalize traditional art works as a way to economically empower low-income communities. This integrated approach preserves traditions and economically empowers women. Furthermore, this increased economic development decreases reliance on other sources of income that may degrade the environment (i.e. logging, hunting, bush meat, animal trafficking). Check out our online store for product access. 

Through our partnerships with local artisan groups we are working with over 1,500 women. Planet Indonesia is also planting community gardens on degraded lands to increase the access to natural dye plants and increase the quality of local work.



We are working with indigenous women's communities to create community gardens that are a local source for natural dyes. Art products that use natural dyes are valued at a higher price, bringing more income to the marginalized indigenous communities. We also provide trainings with various women's groups and our partners to enhance the use and technique of natural dye coloration.



Planet Indonesia further supports our women's groups by providing workshops that enhance techniques and skill to create high-quality products. Moreover, we work with communities, local government, and local partners to hold festivals that showcase work, highlight the importance of local culture, and provide an additional place of selling.



This area of our work is constantly expanding. As our communal business model has proven to work, we are constantly identifying new women's groups that are interested in partnering with us. Traditionally, our work has been focused on the use of textiles from the indigenous Dayak communities. However, Planet Indonesia is in the process of expanding to other ethnic groups and other products. Our model for providing long-lasting economic solutions that support cultural preservation is proven to work. Therefore, we are scaling and replicating our approach.