Conservation Compacts

Our model is unique in that we pair communal business development with conservation compacts that provide measurable, tangible, benefits to communities in exchange for effective conservation practices of high priority areas and species. Our model helps communities overcome the opportunity costs of conservation and ensures fair and equitable development in tandem with responsible resource management and stewardship. These conservation compacts ensure adaptable and fair agreements as every agreement facilitated through a communal business group is tailored to the specific needs and requests of a community.  

We provide services across three sectors in exchange for protecting and restoring ecosystems. Communities choose their services, and together we work together to better decrease illegal activities and build more sustainable practices in critically threatened ecosystems.



business training and investments - we strengthen local economies to end poverty and increase local resilience

literacy training - we provide educational opportunities and increase capacity of women and youth through our literacy program

FAMILY PLANNING AND WOMEN'S HEALTHCARE- we provide basic health, sanitation, and family planning services to communities to build local resilience


5 Principles of Our Conservation Compacts


Fair and equitable development

Our compacts in combination with business development offset the costs incurred by communities to engage in conservation practices. In addition our model underlines equitable development by placing a heavy emphasis on gender inclusion as men and women engage in resource management in different ways.


Culturally rooted

All our compacts are appropriated with local cultural traditions and customs. We place an emphasis on working with Indigenous People's an integrating customary policy and law into compacts.


adaptable and replicable

The terms and conditions of every compact are tailored specifically to the needs of a local community and the ecosystem they reside in. Our communal business approach in tandem with our conservation compacts are extremely flexible and are applied to a number of issues from mangrove conservation, to illegal hunting, to agroforestry.



Our compacts provide measurable benefits for human well-being and community development. Partnerships with communities produce benefits and create incentives for effective resource management.



Compacts empower communities to be better stewards of their local environment and develop improved natural resource management strategies.